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Investment Ideas is the site where you don’t have to loose time on calculating particular stock. We work on Market Physiology with Technical Analysis and give you simple entry in stock market and exit points on the very good stocks in Indian Stock Market, BSE, NSE, Commodities, Mutual Fund, Debt Fund, Gold, Bond etc.

We provide share market tips on basis of research by broking firms, investment guidance and there is no need to read those lengthy & tedious newsletters to find the best stock for you. We give you clear entry and exit points. Cash market, Futures/Options all calls  for short term investors and long term investors

No Computer or Software can give you the consistency which human mindset and experience can provide, because it is the human behind the stock market movements not mere computers or software. You and we decide the movements of any stock market.

It is Market Psychology which if combined with Technical Analysis will give the optimum performance. BOOK YOUR PROFITS in Stock Market INDIA!


  • Do not over trade
  • Do not trade on rumors.
  • Do not trade in all stocks of one sector.
  • Its better to buy the wrong stocks at the right time than to buy the right stocks at the wrong time.
  • Trade with the trends rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms.